rev 1.0.3

Finally rev 1.0.3 is ready !


Download rev 1.0.3 (1.25Mb)
A mini game with source is included. not all functions are used in it though.
Functions and Parameters Added in this version:




rotate (id, angle)

double = xval_to_point (id, targetX, targetY, speed)

double = yval_to_point (id, targetX, targetY, speed)

double = xval_to_direction (id, angle, speed)

double = yval_to_direction (id, angle, speed)

angle = lookAt (id, targetX, targetY)

double = distance_to_point (id, targetX, targetY)

wait (milliseconds)

double = mouse_hit (id, mouseX, mouseY)


Screenshots of the sample project:



To run the sample project, simply draw bubble_poker.js onto <Quick2D.exe>

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